brewthings 1.0 PCB

Currently in Testing! Will be released soon!

Raspberry Pi 3 and 4 compatible!

Raspberry Pi interface board specifically designed for CraftBeerPi by brewthings

Daughter Board options:
- Built in 12VDC to 5.5VDC (3A) power convertor.
- 8 outputs (6 are for screw in terminals and 2 are for direct soldering or pin headers on the board).
- 3-wire temp inputs (DS18B20)
- Module option to allow addition of MAX 31865 to control RTD PT100 Sensors.
- Flow Sensor
- 5v Pin for adding a Fan.

We offer three different versions:
1) PCB Only - You only get the PCB board you source all the parts yourself, we can supply you with a BOM.
2) Do-It-Yourself - We supply you with everything, you solder it yourself.
3) Built & Tested - We solder everything together and send you a completed and tested board.